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Membership of IGBO Council of Traditional Title Holders, USA

Membership is open to all traditional titled men of Igbo land. Click Here to Join ICOTTH USA

Any son of Igbo land that accepts a traditional title OUTSIDE his local community must of necessity present a letter of acceptance or recognition of such title by his own community’s traditional ruler. This is considered a pre-requisite for membership, without which one would not be admitted into the council or be placed on probation until the requirement is fully met. The office of the vice president is charged with scrutinizing this policy for compliance.

Any Igbo man that accepts a traditional title and becomes a member of this council must be an active member, both financially and regular in attendance of at least ¾ of scheduled meetings, including emergency meetings. Penalty for non attendance in line with attendance proviso is enforced as follows – first offense carries a warning, second offense carries a fine, whereas third offense carries expulsion from the council.


Filling the application form is required. This is accompanied by certificates or authentication recognizing such applicant by his community’s traditional ruler. Click Here to Register Online.

Submission of application form does not guarantee membership to ICOTTHUSA. Office of the Vice President vets applications for accuracy and makes recommendation for approval by the executives.


Annual dues are payable within the first three months of the calendar year.


There is a fee for absenteeism at meetings.

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   	Annual dues

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